Immersive websites

Our turnkey website project goes beyond simple execution. It includes strategic auditing, positioning optimization, the creation of a unique and immersive visual identity, tech development from scratch, initial content filling, production deployment, and continuous support to ensure lasting success. Entrust us with your goals, and we will realize them using today’s innovative tools.


01 Our services

Showcase websites / Booking

Our turnkey website project includes 3D elements, smooth transitions, and integration with systems like CRM and ERP. It offers advanced customization, user behavior-based recommendations, social sharing and feeds, and advanced analytics to optimize performance.


Our e-commerce website project includes secure payment integration via Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, ApplePay, and more. It ensures delivery management, tracking, discounts, promo codes, and stock management. A 2D or 3D configurator allows product customization with augmented reality visualization. Users can log into their personal space via Apple, Facebook, Google, or email. The site also integrates with various systems such as CRM, booking, and ERP.

02 The elements that make our creations innovative

Unique identity

Pour faire passer l’expérience de l’ordinaire à l’extraordinaire en créant un effet remarquable

Sound effects

Adding ambient music and sound effects when hovering over elements enhances the user experience and creates an immersive atmosphere. For example, a travel booking site could incorporate sounds like ocean breezes, warm winds, or seagulls to evoke a desire to travel and encourage bookings.

2D/3D animation

2D/3D animations, integrated as elements or through interactive coding, add unmatched dynamism to the customer experience.


Interaction with content through mouse hover and the inclusion of mini-games significantly increase customer retention, thereby promoting purchases.

Artificial intelligence

Creation of chatbots trained on your data, and the use of AI for the development of digital tools and content creation.

Augmented reality

Adding augmented reality (AR) experiences, such as previewing e-commerce products directly in your home.


Implementing NFTs as a new, traceable customer loyalty program.

Adaptation for VR glasses

Adapting websites for VR glasses offers a unique immersive experience, increasing engagement and enabling richer, more captivating interactions with the content.

03 Our websites are

Icône Clients au coeur de tout
100% custom-made
We provide fully personalized creation using our own code.
icône Certifications
Certified by the Chamber of Commerce and recognized as one of the top 3D agencies according to various agency classification platforms and print media.

icône Labellisation RSE
RSE labeling
Because we love seeing life through a green lens, our achievements reflect this commitment. Since 2021, we have been certified by the European organization Positive Workplace, promoting Made in France initiatives.

icône Portefeuille clients importants
Significant client portfolio
Our client portfolio includes over 200 active clients, among them major international groups such as KIA, UBISOFT, TRADEDOUBLER, ALLIANZ, WONDERSHARE...
icône dream team
Dream Team
Ensuring our clients a cohesive, caring, and rigorous team to deliver quality work on time.
icône Chef de projet dédié
Dedicated project manager
Our dedicated multilingual expert (French and English mandatory) accompanies you throughout every stage of your project. They will be your main point of contact and responsible for the project's success.
icône Rétroplanning précis et clair
Precise and clear project schedule
Thirty brains are better than one. Working as a team allows us to merge skills from diverse sectors (design, tech, marketing), enabling a more comprehensive vision for your project.
icône Pourquoi travailler avec une équipe
Why work with a team?
Thirty brains are better than one. Working as a team allows us to merge skills from diverse sectors (design, tech, marketing), enabling us to implement a more comprehensive vision for your project.
icône SEO
Our SEO experts monitor the project and provide advice at every stage of website development.
icône Tracking et analyse en permanence
Continuous tracking and analysis
We constantly track and analyze all our marketing actions, ensuring precise decision-making for future strategies.
icône L’animation poussée
Advanced animation
Animation can make the difference between your site and that of your competitor. That's why we offer our clients a wide range of animation possibilities to bring even the wildest ideas to life.
icône Contrôle de qualité
Quality control
We conduct tests throughout the project to ensure the overall functionality of the website.
icône Les performances assurées
Guaranteed performance
Security is ensured through numerous tests launched during the website's development and after its deployment online.
icône La sécurité
Security is ensured through numerous tests conducted during the development of the site and after its launch.
icône  Conformité aux normes d’accessibilité
Accessibility compliance
Come as you are and enjoy the site experience in a comfortable environment, adhering to accessibility standards.
icône Autonomie dans le remplissage du site
Autonomy in website content management
Thanks to the use of WordPress CMS, you have complete autonomy in updating the content of your site.

04 Our technologies

Project manager
Web designer
Payment solutions
CRM / Newsletter

Colibrity and websites

Creation of interactive interfaces to stimulate the five senses such as sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell, bringing the digital experience as close as possible to the physical experience. Developing the company’s unique and atypical identity, 2D and 3D animations, sound effects…

82% of companies that have adopted immersive technologies report that the benefits exceeded their expectations. The use of augmented reality or interactive presentations generates what is known as enriched content. According to GfK, this type of content can increase purchase conversion rates by 25% or more.