Development of WEB and mobile applications

Applications 2.0 & 3.0: The widespread transition to digital today is largely due to the rise of smartphones, which allow access to everything at any time…


01 Our services

image de Wireframes UX d’une application mobile, Colibrity Agency

UX / Conception

Creating the UX (user experience) of the application begins with defining goals and proceeds to finalized wireframes to develop an efficient, intuitive application that reflects your brand and satisfies users. User testing can be part of this stage to gather external feedback on the creative decisions made by the team.

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image de Design UI d’application mobile pour drones, Colibrity Agency


UI stands for User Interface. UI design refers to the graphical environment in which a user navigates a software, website, or application. The goal is to create an interface that aligns with your clients’ target audience while adhering to your sector’s visual codes and current trends.

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image de Design de l’application web, Colibrity Agency

Application WEB, SDKs et APIs

Designing and developing custom web applications is essential when off-the-shelf solutions no longer meet your business needs.

Our experts have extensive experience with various technologies like Next.JS for the front-end and GoLang for the back-end, allowing us to choose the best solution for your project and budget.

The application can be developed in SaaS mode (software accessible via the internet) or ‘On-Premise’ (installed directly on company servers).

Examples include Netflix (video service), Google Drive (file storage), HubSpot (CRM), Figma (prototyping tool), Lydia (banking app), Monday (project management tool), WordPress (CMS), Qlik Sense (BI tool), Zoom (video conferencing software), and others.

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Application under blockchain

Blockchain technology provides reliability for stored and transmitted information, making data verified (mined), inviolable, and suitable for secure, long-term storage, access rights verification, and creating payment tokens.

At Colibrity, we offer blockchain solutions, including smart contract development, cryptocurrencies, DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations), DeFi (Decentralized Finance), and custom blockchain solutions for your projects.

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Mobile application

Your mobile application will be developed using Google’s Flutter framework. This framework allows for a universal codebase that can be adapted to different operating systems.

Similar to web application development, the back-end technology will be chosen based on the project’s requirements and your budget forecasts.

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02 Why choose us?

Icône Clients au coeur de tout
Client at the heart of everything
The agency, established since 2018 through the merging of the energy of three digital enthusiasts, each specialized in their respective fields (design, marketing, development). Since then, we have been dedicated to offering you solutions with the best value for your projects.
icône Certifications
Certified by the Chamber of Commerce and recognized as one of the top 3D agencies according to various agency classification platforms and print media.
icône Labellisation RSE
RSE Labeling
Because we love to see life in green, our achievements reflect that too. We have been certified since 2021 by a European organization called Positive Workplace, promoting Made in France initiatives.
icône Portefeuille clients importants
Significant client portfolio
Our client portfolio includes over 200 active clients, among them major international groups such as KIA, UBISOFT, TRADEDOUBLER, ALLIANZ, WONDERSHARE...
icône dream team
Dream team
Ensuring our clients a cohesive, caring, and rigorous team to deliver quality work on time.
icône Chef de projet dédié
Dedicated project manager
Our dedicated multilingual expert (French and English mandatory) accompanies you throughout every stage of your project. They will be your main point of contact and responsible for the project's success.
icône Rétroplanning précis et clair
Clear and precise timeline
All our stages are planned in advance so that you can track the project's progress and know the delivery dates for milestones.
icône Pourquoi travailler avec une équipe
Why work with a team?
Thirty brains are better than one. Working as a team allows us to merge skills from diverse sectors (design, tech, marketing), enabling us to establish a more comprehensive vision for your project.
icône Tracking et analyse en permanence
Precise and clear project schedule
Thirty brains are better than one. Working as a team allows us to merge skills from diverse sectors (design, tech, marketing), enabling a more comprehensive vision for your project.
icône Contrôle de qualité
Quality control
We conduct tests throughout the project to ensure the overall functionality of the website.
icône La sécurité
Security is ensured through numerous tests conducted during the website's development and after its launch.
icône  Conformité aux normes d’accessibilité
Accessibility compliance
Come as you are and enjoy the application experience in a comfortable environment, conforming to accessibility standards.
icône Autonomie dans le remplissage du site
Autonomy in application content management
Thanks to the admin panel created by our team, you have complete autonomy in updating the content of your application.
icône Gestion de projet en cascade ou agile
Waterfall or agile project management
We will propose project management tailored to your company and project needs.

03 Our technologies

Project manager
Web designer

Colibrity in mobile applications

We develop user experience-driven applications that meet all criteria and future needs of internet users. Colibrity Agency places design quality and user experience at the core of its business and has been providing this service since 2020 in response to client demand.

Since then, we have committed to providing you with all the necessary tools for your decision-making in terms of functionality, ergonomics, user experience, and design. Our team, composed of specialists, crafts responsive, intuitive, fast, simple, and effective mobile applications for you. Our clients include Tradedoubler, Karakal, Pyramax, and many others.