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With us, there's freedom in creation, action, and innovation.

About us

Colibrity is an independent French agency located in Paris, founded in 2017, specializing in creating extraordinary immersive experiences through websites and apps that evoke strong emotions. We position ourselves in the high-end segment, where precision and attention to detail are our top priorities.

Positive Workplace

Colibrity is committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and certified by the Positive Workplace label made in France since 2021 to advance and involve our key stakeholders in their sustainable development strategies.

Alma pay

Colibrity partners with Alma, a flexible and guaranteed installment payment solution.

Scalexpert ( SG )

Colibrity is an official partner of Scalexpert, Société Générale's online payment solution.

01 Localization

We are located

In the heart of Paris

02 The team

Our experts

Co-Fondatrice et CEO
Responsable Clients
Designer graphique senior
UX/UI Designeuse
UX/UI Designer
Front-End Développeur
Stratège SMM
Back-End Développeuse
Front-End Développeur
Happiness Officer

03. Media

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About us

Colibrity agency comprises a team of 30 professionals with a client portfolio spread across France, the United States, Canada, China, and beyond. We prioritize performance excellence in developing innovative strategies and defining creative concepts. The company is committed to delivering services where quality is a priority. Our name distinguishes us by taking the necessary perspective for a complete, innovative, and fair assessment, combining it with our speed of execution. Like the little bird from Native American legend, COLIBRITY prioritizes environmental and social needs in its thinking, choices, and future plans.

What is digital immersion?

Creating interactive interfaces to stimulate the five senses such as sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell, and bringing the digital experience as close as possible to the physical experience. Creating the unique and distinctive identity of the company, 2D and 3D animations, sound effects…

Our mission

Designing digital solutions and communication tools through the efforts and expertise of our team to achieve the objectives defined by our clients. Ensuring our clients a cohesive, caring, and rigorous team to deliver quality work on time. Handling each case individually to anticipate potential risks. Providing our capacity for understanding, listening, and adapting to enhance our clients’ comfort.

Ensuring client understanding

A successful project is one built on foundations understood by all. Considering each objective as a challenge, to lead each challenge to success.