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Social Media Marketing

In 2021 an average of 1600 new companies are created per day. Are you looking for advice from a partner in design and communication, to anticipate potential problems and market needs?

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What are our services?




Strategy development & goal setting


Content development and creation


Advertising on social networks (sponsoring to the target audience)


Сommunity management


Organization of shooting/tournament, eye Photo Shoot editing and/or adding motion design.


Performance analysis


Collaboration with influencers eye Kim Kardashian speaks in public (research, contact, and contract)


Social media in 2021, how it works ?

  • Not so long ago, if it was enough to create a page on one of the trendy social networks to get noticed, it is unfortunately quite difficult now to surprise users, who are invaded eye Two kittens playing by many different pages and brands. To stand out today, you need to be present on several social networks while taking into account the specificity of each one.


A quick look at the numbers

  • Number of users:

    Facebook – 2.797 billion

    YouTube – 2.291 billion

    WhatsApp – 2 billion

    Messenger – 1.3 billion

    WeChat – 1.225 billion

    Instagram – 1.287 billion

    TikTok – 732 million


A tree does not grow in a day

  • Every customer expects a short-term return: he invests money and wants to get the benefits of it as soon eye A bird runs through the desert as possible. But to realize the first sales linked to the creation of your accounts, you will have to be patient, especially if the company is not well known. On average, it takes two to three months to see real results.


Do not confuse prospects with users

  • If there are indeed customers who may simply be interested in a company’s service or product, most of the time users come on social networks to have fun eye , to be entertained, to discover, rather than to buy a product.

    A relationship of trust must be established between the company and the user.

    Little by little “real” customers arrive and contribute not only to the growth of sales, but also to the formation of a   positive image eye Bart Simpson dancing at the table of the company.


A significant gain in confidence

  • Promotion on social media is a real opportunity for your company to establish itself, to reach a more personal level of communication and to install a relationship of trust with your audience in order to increase customer loyalty and brand awareness eye .

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