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Being aesthetically recognizable is not enough. A modern brand must transmit emotions, feelings and curiosity...

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Our services in the field of branding




Creation of the storytelling eye The book of fairy tales reveals the first pages


creation of the   voice tone eye Pharel Williams is impressed & slogan design


Design & logotype animation


Choice of fonts & colors


Creation of patterns


Creation of standard templates in motion design


Adaptations to supports


PowerPoint eye Steve Carell talks about PowerPoint presentation template


Brand book with rules eye A man says the word rules for use

User cases


A bit of history to start

  • The word branding eye comes from the German word meaning ‘to burn with a hot iron’. The word first appeared in the English dictionary in the 15th century as the name of the distinctive mark that was burned into the skin of criminals.

    Since the 19th century, the word began to be applied to branded products that were branded by their manufacturer. If one were to associate the word “branding” with a single concept, it would be “personalized.”


Who am I?

  • A lot of thought needs to go into this. You have to determine the values that define your brand. They allow users to know who the company really is and if the values eye Friends hugging they convey are in line with their own. They form the core of your brand.

    Therefore, before you even begin to present your brand’s logo you need to determine what it feels like


Yes... but where to find the inspiration ?

  • Traditions eye , innovations, creativity, color, revolutionism, energy, stability, confidence, risk eye Minion shows allerte , artistic expression, reliable methods, opportunity, victory eye , improvement, speed, sustainability eye

    So many categories can define your business !


in a word : YOU

  • Branding is what will allow your company to not only differentiate itself from other companies in the industry, but to become a company that offers something unique and memorable. eye

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