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Edern Paris

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Chef of the restaurant Edern Paris

Jean-Edern Hurstel

Colibrity has been of great help and professionalism! They accompanied us throughout the process of setting up the website, from the name, to the logo, including the photo shoot, the layout, the graphics, the choice of fonts, etc... It is really an accompaniment of A to Z, with a team always of good mood, available and of great professionals.

Challenge :

Set up the Halloween event to increase the notoriety of the chef Jean-Edern Hurstel, participant in the TOP CHEF show, and his restaurant EDERN, located near the Champs Elysées, among the gastronomic establishments of Paris.

Our solutions :

  • Creation of the event
  • Photo shooting during the event
  • Communication on social networks
  • Order taking via social media

The team :

Project manager :

Ekaterina A young girl named Ekaterina

Photographer :


Community manager :


Graphic designer :